We have designed this hub to be intuitive and informative as possible, seamlessly connected directly to your repairer, feeding information and updates as and when the repair progresses.

Estimated Completion Date

Once your repairer has organised your vehicle's repair they will provide an estimated completion date, this date serves as the best possible estimate on when your vehicle will be almost complete. The repairer will call you once quality control checks have been done and have passed.


Your hub is connected to the bodyshop's management system and the status will update as it passes through each stage, to better understand these stages we provide a brief description under each status.

Your timeline

Your timeline shows every interaction and the repair progress from start to completion, timestamp for reference

Message from repairer

From time to time, your repairer may send you a message or a photo relating to your repair, you will be notified of these via your preferred communication channel and on your repair hub home page.


WayPoint has been developed for our customers to get the most from their Vizion nominated repairer.

During initial inspections, our assessors may find additional problems with your vehicle, both safety concerns and cosmetic. In addition to this, our repairers may offer alternative upgrades or options.

You will be presented with a photo, description and costs for the WayPoint, and a option to accept or decline.

It is important to mention that due to the strict scheduling for your repair, these offers are time limited and will expire after a given time duration.

Your Guarantee

Once your vehicle has been collected you will be notified that your guarantee is ready, log in and download from the dedicated page

Need Help?

Comprehensive help on getting the most from your repair journey and hub.

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How to use your hub

Find out how the hub keeps you in touch with every step of your repair 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and how to get the most from it.

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